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Reblog if you agree it’s wrong for the government to make a profit on the backs of poor college students and not taxing billionaires. 

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Anonymous Light skinned bitches are so triflin. I cannot not with them. I don't even consider them black. I was def feelin your page. But why you gotta keep postin up those bitches? Let's keep it real black. That's the beauty I'm into.


  1. who the fuck hurt YOU, sis/brethren?
  2. do not call women you do not know ‘bitches.’ it’s incomprehensibly rude.
  3. why wouldn’t you consider them to be black if they’re black?
  4. i post images of black women of all hues. end of discussion. go somewhere else if you would like a dark skin only page. there are plenty, but that’s not what i’m about. i prefer black girl power and we don’t need ANY more divisions.
  5. if that’s the beauty you’re into, you have the right to be into it. believe me, i’m ALL about uplifting brown skin/dark skin girls, as i didn’t have many places to turn to growing up. but putting them down to bring ‘us’ up is trash.
  6. all black girls are ‘real black.’ 
  7. if you want to tell me why you think they are ‘trifling,’ i’d be more than willing to listen to your reasoning, however flawed it may be. the issue seems to be with you and not them, so let’s address that first.
  8. spread the love. white people do enough to tear us apart. 
  9. house niggas and field niggas were both still slaves.
  10. i like the number 10, so there’s that.

"Dear Dirty Hipsters," Kai Davis and Safi Niara 

Amazing spoken word given by two inspiring young women of color, I found it so powerful!

Soory if you have seen it before :)

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Chris O’Dowd, the actor featured on the cover of the American DVD cover to ‘The Sapphires’ spoke out when asked what he thought! 

I applaud you, Chris.

I was going to reblog a different post about how absolutely appalling everything about the US cover is, but this is better.  this is a movie about four (real!!) kickass black ladies and the US cover puts a white male secondary supporting character front and center s e r i o u s ly

bonus: is the kickass black ladies are real people who really existed and the white guy isn’t even real he’s literally an invented character 

"The negative implications of making a film about black women look like it’s about a white manshould outweigh any marketing concerns. This film is not only about women, it’s about Indigenous women. That fact deserves to be celebrated. Hiding those women and the colour of their skin under a veil of blue in a ridiculously photoshopped background – behind a man – is absurd. The actresses’ names are Deborah Mailman, Jessica Mauboy, Sharri Sebens and Miranda Tapsell. They are women. They are indigenous. And they are the stars of this movie. That should be a selling point, not something pushed into the background.”

I have always LOVED Chris O’Dowd, this just makes me feel great about it.

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Joseph Philippe Lemercier Laroche was the only known black man aboard the Titanic. He and his family held second class tickets and were traveling to Haiti for better opportunities. He did not survive but his family did.



Thank you Tumblr, something I had no idea about. 

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slow jams that will get you laid (if you appreciate them); for tom mison a.k.a. a 90s rnb mixtape for for those poor souls who are misguided about the lovemaking properties of 90s slow jams. [listen]

they don’t know - jon b. | nice n’ slow - usher | can we talk - tevin campbell | i wanna know - joe | last night - az yet | cherish the day - sade | if i ever fall in love - shai | candy rain - soul for real | you’re makin’ me high - toni braxton | don’t leave me - blackstreet | on bended knee - boyz II men | hard to say i’m sorry - boyz II men | i wanna sex you up - color me badd | do me - bell biv devoe | before you walk out my life - monica | i can love you like that - all-4-one | tell me - groove theory | close to you - maxi priest | i’ll make love to you - boyz II men | get it together - 702 | too close - next | anywhere - 112 | so anxious - ginuwine | any time, any place - janet jackson | freek-n-you - jodeci | red light special - tlc | giving him something he can feel - en vogue | 4 page letter - aaliyah | lately - tyrese | freak me - silk | nobody - keith sweat | end of the road - boyz II men | cupid - 112 | baby come to me - regina belle | freak like me - adina howard | i wanna be down - brandy | that’s the way love goes - janet jackson | i swear - all-4-one | can we - swv | my little secret - jagged edge feat. xscape | we’re not making love no more - dru hill | one in a million - aaliyah | my my my - johnny gill | sumthin’ sumthin’ - maxwell | i adore mi amor - color me badd | let me love you down - ready for the world | diggin’ on you - tlc | how can i ease the pain - lisa fischer | my love is the shhh - something for the people | knockin’ da boots - h-town | soon as i get home - babyface | vision of love - mariah carey

childhood all on my dash

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Absolutely spot on!

russel brand is so confusing in that he can behave problematically and appear to be a total clusterfuck of a human being but then he suddenly comes out of the woodwork with some great insight like this and idk it just keeps everyone on their toes

Russel Brand is awesome. He has his flaws like any of us, but that doesn’t make him worthless

to me… it sounds like at least some of his problematic image is intentional. those moments when he’s being problematic, it isn’t because he doesn’t know any better.

which makes it even worse…

but at least we know he knows.

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I’d just like to give honor to this young lady for changing the game. You need to recognize that she inspired Elmo to perform this song and dance. ELMO! Elmo is like the elementary school student’s Beyoncé!

Why do they give you a biography on black folk acting nutty on the evening news, but I don’t know this little girl’s name? Everybody knows this Vine, recreates this Vine, and/or mixes it into a trap beat. Someone needs to give this girl a trophy. Pay for her dance classes. Give her tickets to The Carter tour! KNOW HER! SHE IS LEGENDARY!

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